What’s New In Version 2.2

Features for Men

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Version 2.2 now allows manual adjustment of distance run at any time, during your run, or at the end of the run. 

To Adjust Distance in Main Jogger Screen:

  1. To adjust during a run, touch Pause Button

  2. To adjust at the end of the run touch End Button

  3. Touch the distance field

  4. Enter the distance you ran, and touch Done. 

    JogBuddy and iJogger will recalculate your speed and calories.

  5. Touch Start button again, if you are continuing your run

  6. Touch Reset button, to record the adjusted distance, if you ended your run

To Center Goals You Want to Track:

  1. Simply touch the Rotate button at the top left of the screen

  2. Stop when you have centered the label you want to see in the middle of the screen