What’s New In 2.0

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Version 2.0 is a major revision of the application over 1.0.  Here are some of the new features:

Jogger Screen:

  1. Completely redesigned user interface.

  2. iPhone OS 3.0 compatible.

  3. You can now continue your jog from where you left off if you have to exit JogBuddy to take a phone call or answer a SMS.

  4. JogBuddy voice announces milestones as your jog.  You no longer need to look at the screen to know your progress.

  5. You can select Calories or Minute-Mi (speed) labels to be placed in the center of the screen for easy monitoring.  Simply touch the area above the center label (i.e. Miles) to rotate through the labels you want to center.

  6. You can enter your jogging goals directly in the main screen.  Touch the amber goal labels, and enter valid numbers using the on-screen keyboard.

  7. JogBuddy automatically rotates the screen when you start the workout to make it easy for you to see the screen while jogging.

  8. The first 1,000 meters of jogging are shown in meters.  After 1,000 meters, JogBuddy tracks distance in miles.

Goals Screen:

  1. JogBuddy now calculates the date when you will reach your weight goal, if you were to lose 1.8 pounds of weight per week.

  2. There is now a Calendar applet in this screen.  In this version, the Calendar is simply for convenience.  In the future versions, the Goal screen will allow you to select training programs and suggest a schedule using the Calendar.  Stay tuned.

History Screen:

  1. The History screen has been redesigned to display Calories burned, as well as the time in minutes and seconds.  Weight monitoring has been moved to the Progress screen, Summary tab.

Progress Screen:

  1. The Progress screen has been redesigned to display a Summary screen, which can be used to summarize your jogging and weight data for different periods.

  2. Speed - in the Total column, the number represent the average speed of all jogs during the specified time period.  The Best column shows the fastest jog during the time period.

  3. Calories - Total column shows total calories in kilocalories.  The Best column shows the most calories (not kilocalories) burned during a workout.

  4. Weight - Total column shows total weight lost or gained during the period. The Best column shows the lowest weight registered during the period.

  5. Time - Total and Best columns show respective numbers for the selected time period.

  6. Since - this is the date of the first jog during the selected time period.

  7. Jogs - shows number of jogs registered during the time period.