What is the accuracy of JogBuddy?

JogBuddy comes with preset sensor and stride settings that should work for most women and men.  To increase the distance measurement precision please follow these steps:

NOTE:  Lowering the sensitivity value will increase the sensitivity of the sensor.  For example, if the sensor is registering only 40 out of the 50 steps you take, reduce the sensitivity number by 0.15 to 0.25 units and try again.  This will make the sensor more sensitive (by lowering the sensitivity threshold value).

d.  use the Stride Calibration screen to adjust your stride length.  This is especially important for athletes  who tend to have longer than average strides

Calorie calculations are based on your current weight.  Please make sure your correct weight is set correctly in the Goals screen before every jog.

Feminine Cycle:
JogBuddy for Women includes a Cycle Tracker in the Goals screens.  The calendar calculation is based on a 28 day cycle.

Support and Questions:

Can I use the phone while JogBuddy is running?

YES.  You can start a phone conversation before launching JogBuddy.  Simply start your call, then press the Home button on your iPhone to return to the applications menu and launch JogBuddy.  Once JogBuddy is running, you cannot make a phone call without ending the application first.

Please email us with any suggestions for additional features and capabilities, as well as problems you are experiencing.  We will respond to all email messages.

Features for Men



Features for WomenFeatures_for_Women.html

email:    Please email us at:

Can I see my results in metric units?

No.  This version does not support metric units.  Please download iJogger, which is the world version of the application.  Visit http://www.myjogbuddy.com/iJogger/Home.html for details.

My JogBuddy sometimes quits unexpectedly, what should I do?

If you have many applications that you use regularly on your iPhone, starting and quitting these applications may not vacate the memory these applications use when they quit.  Please power off and restart the iPhone to clear out the memory.  If JogBuddy still quits unexpectedly, please email us with the circumstances to help us track down the problem.

Can I play music on my iPhone while JogBuddy is running?

YES, but you have to start playing from a playlist before launching JogBuddy.  iPhone does not allow switching between applications (other than applications that come with the iPhone), which means once JogBuddy is running, you cannot switch to the iPod.  You can, however, use the controls on the iPhone earbuds to control the iPod.

Can I receive a call while JogBuddy is running?

YES.  If you answer an incoming call while JogBuddy is running, JogBuddy will record your jog results up to that point and quit.  Answer the call and restart JogBuddy, your jog will re-start where you left off by selecting YES in the Continue Today’s Workout.  iPhone terminates any 3rd party open applications when you answer an incoming call.

Can I change my goals in the middle of my workout?

YES. Pause JogBuddy by touching the Pause button, switch to Goals screen and make any changes you like.  Return to the main (Jogger) screen and touch Start button to resume your jog with new goal settings.

How do I close the keyboard on the Goals screen?

To close the virtual keyboard, touch in any black area of the screen.

  1. a.wear your iPhone right below the elbow, with the face of the iPhone facing up so you can see your progress easily.

b. use a quality sports iPhone armband that secures the iPhone to your hand.  An iPhone attached loosely will move around during your jog, reducing the accuracy of the sensor.  You can also hold the iPhone while you are jogging, but once the calibration is optimized for having the iPhone in your hand while you are jogging, you may have to re-calibrate if you want to wear the iPhone on your hand.

c.  use the Sensor screen to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to better match your jogging style and pace.