for all generations of iPhones and iPod Touch.

Your mobile jogging companion on the treadmill, around the track, or around town.

For Women

Set your weight goal and JogBuddy will help you get there.

For Men

Build muscle or train for a marathon.

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Features for WomenFeatures_for_Women.html


JogBuddy on the iPhone or iPod Touch tracks your every workout detail, down to dates, times, distance, speed, and most importantly, calories burned.  JogBuddy for Women is calibrated especially for women, and its monthly cycle tracker will help eliminate surprises.

Like the version for Women, JogBuddy for Men  helps you set stretch goals for each workout, and as you reach each goal, the large goal displays turns green to indicate your achievements.  Wether you are on the treadmill or on a mountain trail, JogBuddy works to track your progress.

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