The goals screen lets you
personalize your JogBuddy.

  1. -Screen off slider setting tells JogBuddy to turn the screen off after a set number of minutes to save power.

  2. -Weight and Target entries allow you to enter your current weight and weight goal.  Target Date shows when you will achieve your weight goal by losing an average of 1.8 pounds per week.

  3. -Cycle Started entry allows you to enter the elapsed days since the start of the last feminine cycle.

  4. -Next Cycle field shows the estimated start date of the next feminine cycle.

No GPS Necessary.

Listen or Talk While You Jog.


In future versions, you will be able to select 1K, 5K, 8K, 10K, and marathon training programs.  The calendar will indicate suggested jogging schedule and times.

Your iPhone or iPod Touch is a high precision instrument with a sophisticated motion detector.  Extensive research helped us calibrate the motion detector

for men and women to keep track of your runs.

Your private location information is not recorded or reported.

Goal Setting and Jog Tracking.

You can now set your jogging goals directly on the main screen, by touching the amber fields. Make sure you enter valid numbers.

  1. -Start/Pause button (bottom) starts tracking your jog, and pauses the recording if you need to stop for any reason.

  2. -End button stops the jog and registers all the values.  Pressing the button again resets the screen values and saves the jog data in the history folder.

Starting Your Jogging Music.

After personalizing your JogBuddy and setting the goals for your workout, launch the iPod app on your iPhone:

  1. -Navigate to the playlist that has enough songs (or podcasts) to last you the entire workout.  My playlist is called My JogBuddy.

  2. -Start Playing from the playlist and.

  3. -Re-launch JogBuddy and start your jog.

Fine Tuning the Sensor.

The sensor screen lets you fine tune the accuracy of your jog distance.  JogBuddy for Women is calibrated to register your distances accurately for most women. 

But if you have an athletic stride length, or the motion sensor is not registering your jog correctly, you can adjust the sensitivity of your iPhone’s sensor as well as change your stride length.

Fine Tuning Your Stride.

After the sensor value is refined, you can calibrate your stride length to maximize the accuracy of the distance calculator.

  1. -Manual Calibration can be done by simply moving the slider to set your stride length.  If you know what your average stride length is, use this feature.

  2. -Automatic Calibration can be done by selecting a known distance from the selection bar (say 1/2 mile route), touching the Start button, jogging the distance, and touching the Stop button.

Tracking Your Jogging History.

The History tab shows a table of all your jogs, complete with all the pertinent information about each jog.

You can delete individual records from the database by simply touching the record and confirming the dialog box.

Tracking Your Progress.

The Progress screen has four tabs to help you track your Best results, and graph the last 7, 30, and all jogging results:

  1. -Weight graph shows your weight loss trend.  The white line across indicates your weight goal

  2. -Duration graph shows your jogging times.

  3. -Distance graph shows the trend of distances you ran.

  1. -Motion Sensor Sensitivity is set normally between 21 and 22. To increase the sensitivity of the motion sensor, reduce the sensor threshold value by touching the + (green) button.

  2. -Touching the Start Button will turn the sensor on.  In this mode, you can jog 50 steps and stop and see if the step count on JogBuddy is close to 50.

JogBuddy will calculate your stride length automatically.

Features for MenFeatures_for_Men.html

Features for Women


No more surprises - Track your feminine cycle!

Continuing Your Jog.

Since the iPhone or iPod Touch do not support running multiple third party applications running at the same time, if you decide to receive a phone call or respond a SMS while jogging, JogBuddy will be terminated to launch the phone or SMS application.

JogBuddy 2.0 will automatically save your jog information, and when you re-launch JogBuddy, you can chose to continue the jog from where you left off.